Find free to use images using Google

The WWW. (World Wide Web) is a very interesting and great part of everyday life. Although, there are several things being shared every single day, it is still very important to understand that many images have law usage rights. While at the same time, every country has different internet protection and privacy rights making possible consequences vary. 

Moreover, these rights state the ownership of the creator, and in a worst case-scenario can mean a lawsuit for you, if you improperly use their image. It is due to this realistic case-scenario that we have dedicated this blog to providing you with an easy tip, as to how to know you are using a royalty free image. Meaning you may use it any way you wish. Commercial or Personal purposes. 

Here is one way using the well known Google search engine database:

Step 1) You visit the Google search engine

Step 2) Press on the Images section

Step 3) Enter whatever type of image you are looking for and submit that request

Step 4) Then click on "Search tools"

Step 5) Click on "Usage rights"

Step 6) Select "Labeled for reuse"

At this moment in time you will have all of the images which Google has found in the internet, which are labeled for your free use in any way you wish.

Note: An image has been provided, so you may see a visual example.

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