Helped spread Christmas cheer to those less fortunate during the holidays

On December 23rd the All Around Design team hit the streets of Vancouver in order to hand out gift wrapped presents to our citizens who are less fortunate. The team handed out all sorts of clothes including brand name jackets, shirts, sweaters, gloves, hats, scarves and more. Also, each person was given a Christmas treat of a couple Rice Krispie Squares or a snack bag of Doritos, Lays, Ruffles or Cheetos chips. 

It was raining that night, but that just enticed us to provide the best we could in the nicest way to those who had to spend this Christmas and New Year holiday in the cold, outside of a safe home. 

Moreover, the outcome for the very first time that we attempted this was great. We recieved various donations from professionals, and caring individuals. Many of which helped spread the word and recieve anything someone they knew could donate. Ultimately gathering a full donation amount, which we were able to turn into 72 great gifts to people who could really use it.  

This being said, we would like to take this opportunity to say a great big thank you to everyone who donated. Without you there would not be a lady with her hands and neck warm thanks to the scarve and gloves that were donated, or men kept warmer in great jackets tonight, again thanks to donations. 

Some of you great contributors were as follows:

  • Martha Vance

  • Cristian Basantes

  • Jessica Ramirez 

  • Ana Maria Lanci

  • Nico Amoroso 

  • Alex Monetta

  • Tamara Thorsen

  • Camille Geronimo

  • Carolina Villagra

  • Paola Villagra

  • Patricio Villagra

  • Monica Trejo

  • Susana Brito

  • Andres Bermudez

  • Lucy Bermudez

  • Justice Brown

  • VIncenzo Amoroso

  • Isabel Cordova

  • Dyandra Angioni

  • Piero Angioni

  • and other donators which generously added onto their amount of clothes!

Once we finished handing out all the food and gifts that we had, we were left with the want of giving more. Which is why we have decided to repeat this event in the future. For anyone who wanted to donate but could not for whatever reason, or people who are just finding out about the cause; we hope that you will be a part of this, and truly help someone who could use your help next time. 


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