Web hosting, template builder and free domain. Think twice.

When you are starting your business, you want to get up and rolling as soon as possible. So one tends to think fast and do whatever takes less time. This is often where companies that offer services that provide template builders and a free domain name looks attractive due to its low price and “fast and easy – do it yourself” mentality.

This being said, this may help when you are brand new and are in need of anything but in the long run when your corporation brand is looking to strive one can face certain issues. A main issue that is clear to all marketing and branding experts is that the site due to its easy to use template is not fully unique, going with what should be your unique brand. Your brand should be one of a kind, and so should your website.

Another main issue at hand is the domain name, once this service provides you with the low cost of your website hosting and site builder they have power over your domain name, not you. This is an issue because when you are ready to fully brand your business and have all of your promotional items showing your businesses personality you are put to a pause. The most basic yet recommended thing to do when you wish to have your own professionally branded site are two things:

1) Website hosting – where your website lives, All Around Hosting is a service provided by us: www.allaroundh.ca

2) Domain name registration – you can find various yearly low fee service providers such as Go Daddy and Name.com

After you have gotten your bargain service and free domain name you do not have these things, and various of these corporations charge you to have the right to your own domain. Allowing to be free and migrate to a domain name company that provides you with the freedom to do what you want with your domain name.

An example corporation is the well-known company Vistaprint who state this in their helpful assistance page for freeing current customers domains:

Release Payment: Pay an administrative fee to release the domain name from Vistaprint. You are purchasing the right to the name, not the registration”

Times we have assisted clients with this specific situation they have charged around $24 to release the domain name. Plus, the accepting domain registrant company charges an accepting fee. Go Daddy charges from $11.99 which includes one year of domain hosting. The whole process could take days.

Also, when you have the finances and wish to invest in a professionally done website the design company you choose, is extremely limited. Any truly knowledgeable organization who provides professional website design and development services such as All Around Design cannot provide an original, and branded site if it is limited to a template builder service. Including not being able to create useful functionalities that you may wish to have.

Therefore, there are a set of additional steps that need to be done before you can get started:

1. Free your domain name

2. Migrate it to a domain name registrant company

3. Create your website hosting account

4. Connect the domain name with the website hosting account

5. Now finally get to work on it

Additional service costs will be added by your chosen creative company if you do not know how to do this yourself.

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